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Departments within MTC

Sub-Programme 1.1: Strategy and Executive Support


Executive Manager: Strategy and Executive Support


The Strategy and Executive Support Programme facilitates the coordination between the Board, Shareholder, Executives and Stakeholders. The Board serves as the Accounting Authority for the MTC in terms of the Public Finance Management Act. The CEO is responsible for the formulation of policy as an ex-officio member of the Board and is accountable for the implementation of policy and strategy as the most senior executive in the corporation.



Sub-Programme 1.2: Finance

Mr Spelele Galada

Chief Financial Officer


This programme ensures the provision of systematic financial management systems designed to coordinate the corporation’s budget and resource requirements. Such activities include ensuring compliance with regulatory provisions required to facilitate the funding of the MTC as well as to take appropriate steps to ensure that expenditure occurs within the approved budget to prevent overspending of the budget. Systematic financial management systems also entail the maintenance of a procurement system that is fair, equitable, transparent and cost-effective; and ensures that effective and appropriate steps are taken to prevent unauthorised, irregular or fruitless and wasteful expenditure

Sub-Programme 1.3: Corporate Services

Division 1.3.1: Human Resource Management


Senior Manager: HR


The HR Department provides an internal enabling function and support service to the other programmes regarding Human Resource Management. The Human Resource Management division provides guidance on how to strategically manage people as a business resource. This includes managing recruitment, coordinating employee benefits, labour relations and integrated employee wellness and human capital development

Division 1.3.2: Information and Communication Technology

Mr Ludwig Mey

Senior Manager: ICT


ICT Management describes the strategic approach for designing, delivering, managing and improving the way Information Technology (IT) is used within the Corporation. The goal of ICT Management is to ensure that the right policies, processes, people and technology are in place so that the corporation can meet its business goals

Division 1.3.3: Marketing, Communication and Business Development

Ms Bongiwe Solwandle

Public Relations and Communications Officer


To develop and implement programmes aimed at increasing revenue, expanding market share and contributing to the Corporation's growth and profitability - further, to safeguard the shareholders', employees 'and the general public's perception of the Corporation

Program 2: Operations Management

Mr David Gwabeni

Chief Operations Officer


The purpose of the Operations Programme is to ensure the efficient and effective provision of public transport services through a safe and reliable fleet at all MTC depots. The programme is responsible for the entire Corporation’s operations related activities, fleet management, coordination of bus services on all routes, the enhancement of revenue streams, the management of inventory as well as facilities and infrastructure management

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